Top 5 Tasty Aphrodisiacs Dishes for Valentine’s Day


Top 5 Tasty Aphrodisiacs Dishes for Valentine’s Day

Whether you restrict your romantic gestures to St Valentine’s Day, or you’re a wooing superstar throughout the year, there’s nothing quite like an intimate meal to create a connection with your special person.



And while timing, the right atmosphere and fresh breath can all go a long way to creating the perfect setting for love, why not further bolster your chances by a bit of strategic eating?! No doubt you’ll have heard of aphrodisiacs and their abilities to enhance one’s chances of affection but if you’re not keen on oysters, what are your choices?

Well you may be interested to find out that there are some delicious alternatives and, what’s more, here at Tosca Ristorante we feature plenty of dishes that include an aphrodisiac or two.

Here’s our top five tasty aphrodisiacs…

  1. Asparagus – there’s something distinctly phallic about an asparagus stem which probably goes some way to explaining its aphrodisiac qualities, but it also contains lots of vitamin B6 and folate. Each of these can raise levels of arousal. Not only that, but it has vitamin E aplenty, which stimulates sex hormones in both women and men.

Asparagus attraction? Pick our Penne alla crema di Asparagi e Funghi (also contains chillies – see below!), or Crema di Funghi e Pollo.

  1. Apples – nope, we didn’t know this one either but as Eve herself was tempted by a delicious Braeburn, we might have guessed! Apples contain lots of great antioxidants, and have been proven to increase sex drive. Now where’s that fruit bowl?

Apple amour? Choose our Noci e Mele Ravioli. With walnuts and honey – also proven aphrodisiacs – you’ll leave nothing to chance!

  1. Chillies – turn up the heat on your love life by including a bit of spice in your meal. Chillies contain a chemical – capsaicin – that helps release endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are the fantastic hormone that create euphoric feelings in us. Hot, hot, hot!

Choosing chillies? We have lots of fantastic dishes featuring chillies including Gamberoni e Capperi (our king prawn starter), Polpettine al Sugo (delicious meatballs in a fiery tomato sauce), Fusilli Arrabbiata (spiral pasta with a zingy tomato sauce) and Pollo Toscana (tasty grilled chicken breast, with olives, chillies, tomatoes and more. Yum).

  1. Avocado – we all need energy when going the extra mile for love, and avocados are the perfectly packaged fruit. They also improve libido in men, due in part to their high levels of vitamin B6.

Avocado adventure? Start with our lip-smacking Prosciutto (dried ham) e Avocado, and follow it up with a heart-warming dish of Penne con Pollo e Avocado (penne pasta, with chicken and avocado).

  1. Salmon – we’re regularly told about the benefits of salmon for our hearts, and you definitely want to keep that healthy in the name of love!  But did you know that the omega 3 fatty acids in salmon are great for the libido as they are crucial to the production of the hormones estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone.

Selecting salmon? Go for our popular starter Salmone Affumicato (smoked salmon) complete with plumptious prawns. Prefer pasta? Salmon is also a key ingredient in our Fettuccine con Salmone. Delicioso!

We love St Valentine’s Day and can’t wait to celebrate this special day with you! We also enjoy celebrating love throughout the year, so if you’re looking for the perfect spot for a romantic meal in Sussex come and experience Tosca Ristorante.

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