Our Delightful – Gourmet Dolce and Cafeteria

From the Tosca Ristorante Team

Our new café which is situated next to Tosca Ristorante is proving to be very popular with the local coffee drinking and cake eating fraternity.  


The original large restaurant has been split into two sections with one side as the restaurant and the other side as the new Café.  A sliding glass partition now separates the two establishments.

inside Gourmet Dolce and Cafeteria


Luciene Ortega is the woman in charge of not only the Café but the baking too!  She’s a master cake and patisserie baker,  having learnt from her father in Brazil.  As well as all the much loved traditional cakes the English adore, like lemon drizzle, walnut, carrot and Victoria sandwich, she will be applying her unique twist on these cakes and bringing in some traditional Brazilian cakes to help make the Café more interesting for the regular guests.


Luciene Ortega master baker


She continues, “We are really looking forward to becoming an integral part of the Shoreham Cafe society and culture and can’t wait to welcome everyone to try our connoisseur coffee and delicious treats.” 


turkish coffee with turkish delight and biscuits

Gourmet Dolce and Cafeteria is now open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.  Please checkout the café’s facebook page for more details CLICK HERE 


During this COVID19 times, we will be following the hospitality industry guidelines, endeavouring to maintain a safe environment for not only you – our guests – but for our staff too.  Your patience whilst we get used to this way of working will be greatly appreciated.

gourmet lemon dolce

Our usual opening hours will be:




We very much look forward to welcoming you to Shoreham’s Gourmet Dolce and Cafeteria.


The Gourmet Dolce and Cafeteria Team

inside gourmet dolce and cafeteria
gourmet dolce