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Enver Godanci

From Kosovo to Shoreham-by-Sea


So how did a young man from Kosovo finish up running his own Italian restaurant? The short answer is: accidentally. The long answer is far more interesting. It’s the 1990s and a young man sets off around Europe: like many young people, on a journey of discovery.


From Kosovo, Enver’s plan was to return home once he’d got the travel bug out of his system; but by this time Kosovo was at war with (what was then) Yugoslavia. This created a dilemma for Enver: should he return home and become embroiled in the war, or should he listen to his family, keep away, and stay safe. Enver decided to stay in Europe where he was safe and support his family from a distance.


A few months later Enver found himself in Brighton. He asked at a local Italian restaurant whether they needed any staff. They did and the manager offered him a trial there and then. Enver made such an impression on the guests that the manager offered him the job immediately.


After a few years in Brighton and Hove learning the business Enver decided it was time to start his own restaurant. He had to work hard to find the backing but he was determined. Through a combination of friends, family, and a private investor, Enver raised the necessary cash. In 2004 Enver opened Tosca Ristorante in Shoreham-by-Sea with four employees.

In 2008 Enver expanded when the premises next door became available. By now he had ten employees. Since then, Enver has grown the reputation of Tosca Ristorante and has developed a hard core of loyal customers who keep coming back.


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